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Classic Safe Water System

Weight: .36 lbs (.16 kgs)


SteriPEN Part # SP-SYS-EF

The Classic is the workhorse of the SteriPEN family. It's a product that you can consistently rely on for its ruggedness and performance. The SteriPEN Classic Safe Water System includes the SteriPEN Classic, the Water Bottle Pre-Filter and a NalgeneĀ® BPA-Free wide-mouth water bottle. The 40x40 micron screen Pre-Filter fits snugly on the wide-mouth water bottle, protecting the drinking threads, and allows clear water to flow into the bottle while removing particulates. Ships with neoprene case for the Classic and User's Guide.

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* Weight: 5.7oz. (162g) with lithium batteries
* Size: 7.6" (L) X 1.5" (W) X 1.5" (H)
* Battery: Uses four AA Lithium Batteries (not included)
* Battery Life: 200 treatments (16oz./0.5L)
* UV Lamp Life: 8,000 treatments

* The Classic is also the SteriPEN that gives you the longest battery life. Using four AA lithium batteries, the Classic gives you the power to purify an incredible 200 half-liters of water with a single set of batteries, providing you with that extra confidence to know that you'll have access to safe drinking water whenever you're hiking or camping in the wild.
* Like Journey, SteriPEN Classic's tapered end provides a snug fit with water bottles, and with the SteriPEN Fits All Filter, works even with wide-mouth water bottles.
* As a reminder, battery quality varies greatly by brand. Steripen recommends using only well-known brand name Lithium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries.  Alkaline batteries of any kind are not recommended.