An adventurer's best friend.

At Valhalla Pure Outfitters, we love our four-legged furries! They are our office buddies, our adventure companions, and our best pals!

Callie, VPO Head Office

Born on: July 25th, 2009

Where I come from: Vernon SPCA! My mom and six brothers and sisters were dropped off--I was the last of the litter to be adopted.
Breed: Husky / German Shepard
Occupation: Go everywhere my human goes
Owner: Randi Tingle
Why I love my human: She takes me literally...EVERYWHERE! From friends' houses to Alaska for adventures!

Winter activities: Snowshoeing, hiking, hunting mice under the snow, howling
Summer activities: Paddleboarding, hiking, swimming, boating, howling
Worst habit: Rolling in stinky-a$$ stuff; from cow dung to rotten fish, don't worry I'll find it!

My slogan: Life's better with you...and toys...and howling...

Owner info: Randi Tingle
Where they work: VPO Head Office
What they do: You know the site Well she runs it! Pretty cool eh?
Winter activities: Skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, yoga
Summer activities: Paddleboarding, hiking, boating, yoga, yoga whilst paddleboarding (crazy she is)

My slogan for my owner: Never enough time in the day--but we jam-pack it with funness (yes that's a word)!

Lucy & Piki, VPO Head Office

Born on:2012

Where I come from: L: A farm in Rural Saskatchewan. I was an accident! (Whoopsies!; P:Rescued by Phil from an abusive home)
Breed: L: Old English Sheep Dog/Great Pyrenees; P: Sheltie/Japanese Chin
Occupation: L: Bed hog and Snuggle Monster; P: I love to bark at all the strange noises. I protect my owners.
Owner: Kayla Koshynsky (and Phil)
Why I love my human: L: Dad is amazing, always petting me. Mom likes to pet me too, and she likes to take me out for runs. I love having random snuggle sessions with them, and they gave me a family! ; P: Dad rescued me and showed me what happiness is and he feeds me and he throws the ball. Mom feeds me (I LOVE FOOD) and she throws my ball!

Winter activities: L: Romping through the snow; P: BALL! I LOVE my ball. Rolling in the Snow. I LOVE FRESH SNOW!
Summer activities: L: Going to dog parks and I love running through creeks!; P: BALL! I LOVE my ball. Will you throw it for me? I also love the taste of dandelions, they are yummy, I make sure to eat all of them in the yard.
Worst habit: L: Knocking over the Garbage can and making a big mess! (There’s some yummy smells coming from that big black thing) ; P: Stealing mice from my little sister kitten and killing them. Kitty and Mom hates it when I do that.

My slogan: L: Life is too short not to be goofy; P: All you need is food and love and BALL!

Owner info: Kayla Koshynsky
Where they work: VPO Head Office
What they do: Computer stuff, you know?
Winter activities: Skiing (really poorly), trying not to slip on the ice, indoor rock climbing, indoor archery, hunting (more like a fall activity…)
Summer activities: Rock climbing, hiking, fishing, boating, soaking up sun

My slogan for my owner: L: Dad is the boss, Mom is the softy. ; P: Can you throw my ball now?

Stella, VPO Medicine Hat

Born on: 2010, I think!

Where I come from: Olds, AB. Kijiji. I was living under an RV at -30.
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Occupation: Store greeter. Chief Face Licker. Ski & Mountain Bike Buddy. Best Friend. Sibling to human boy.
Owner: Michael Harrington
Why I love my human: He rescued me and we do fun stuff like swimming and biking. And he lets me on the sofa when nobody else is looking.

Winter activities: Snowshoeing, hiking, hunting mice under the snow, skiing
Summer activities: Paddleboarding, hiking, swimming, boating, mountain biking
Worst habit: Talking. I'm a talker. I talk a lot. And I talk in my sleep. Did I mention I talk a lot?

My slogan: Wanna go swimming?

Owner info: Michael Harrington
Where they work: VPO Medicine Hat
What they do: He runs my store.
Winter activities: Backcountry skiing, x-country skiing, snowshoeing
Summer activities: Mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, canoeing

My slogan for my owner: Move closer to the door. Closer... closer...

Cynthia, VPO Squamish

Born on: It's not polite to ask a girl her age! Let's say I'm around a 2009 vintage.

Where I come from: I'm an Alberta girl! I am originally from Ponoka, but wanted to move to the mountains! I let my self be "found" while roaming around the fields there and was taken in by very nice people at Old McDonald Kennels. And wouldn't you know it, my plan worked as I was adopted by my new people in Canmore!
Breed: Border Collie X
Occupation: Professional cuddler and ball chaser. Opposite but equally important jobs.
Owner: Tobi Haywood
Why I love my human: They love me just the way I am.

Winter activities: Running, ski touring, chasing my ball and rolling down snowy hills like an otter
Summer activities: Running, hiking, camping, chasing my ball, swimming and drinking as much river water as humanly (or doggyly possible)
Worst habit: Not being able to contain my excitement and barking all the way to the dog park! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

My slogan: Life is about having fun, and that means movin'!

Owner info: Tobi Haywood
Where they work: VPO Squamish
What they do: Tobi likes to help people get all the gear they need for their mountain adventures
Winter activities: Running, skiing, dogparking, wishing for summer
Summer activities: Running, hiking, camping, biking and enjoying every single moment the warm sun shines

My slogan for my owner: If I stare long enough, she will cave!

Tucker, VPO Squamish

Born on: Sometime in 2007

Where I come from: Nanaimo
Breed: S Maltese Yorkie cross (possible whippet since I’m so fast)
Occupation: Personal shopper and greeter. I welcome everyone to our store and some people play with me or carry me around while they shop.
Owner: Karen Unger
Why I love my human: She brings me everywhere and introduces me to the best people and gives me lots of love.

Winter activities:Walks, short hikes, lots of cuddling and sometimes riding in the doggy backpack
Summer activities: Stand up paddle boarding, big hikes, playing fetch, walking
Worst habit: I hear the command, I understand what I’m supposed to do, but sometimes I just don’t wanna.

My slogan: What’s in it for me?

Owner info: Karen Unger
Where they work: Valhalla Pure Squamish
What they do: sales associate
Winter activities: Snowboarding
Summer activities: Biking, SUP, hiking, walking, and anything that comes up that sounds fun.

My slogan for my owner: Can my dog come?

Louie, VPO Canmore

Born on: April 2, 2004

Where I come from: Stoney Native Reserve
Breed: Border Collie / Karelian Bear Dog / ?
Occupation: Store greeter (semi retired) & constant companion
Owner: Jamie and Sharon Cuthill
Why I love my human: They love me!

Winter activities: Skiing, catching snowballs, and laying on the couch
Summer activities: Biking, hiking, fishing, swimming (getting very stinky!), camping and laying on the deck
Worst habit: I hold a grudge against my enemies: squirrels and some cats.

My slogan: Got treats?

Owner info: Jamie and Sharon Cuthill
Where they work: VPO Canmore
What they do: They're the owners!
Winter activities: Skiing, travel, outdoor activities with Louie
Summer activities: Biking, fishing, tennis, camping, kayaking and outdoor activities with Louie

My slogan for my owner: Do you have treats yet?

Phoenix, VPO Revelstoke

Born on: July 9th, 2014

Where I come from: Edmonton Evergreen Trailer Park. I was one of 13 puppies, so my Mom was really tired and I was re-homed when I was only 6 weeks old.
Breed: Siberian Husky
Occupation: Shop Dog at Valhalla Pure Revelstoke & Wing Man to my best girl.
Owner: Emma Mathieson
Why I love my human: I spend all of my time exploring with her! From alpine meadow camp-outs, to surfing missions in Haida Gwaii, she brings me everywhere...even when I'm tired and I need a piggyback.

Winter activities: Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, river walks, icy canoe rides, cuddling by the fire place, and I am looking forward to ski touring when I am big enough!
Summer activities: Hiking, camping, paddle boarding, canoeing, trail running and mountain biking when my legs grow up a bit!
Worst habit: Talking smack! I am one mouthy little fellow!

My slogan: My life is better than your vacation!

Owner info: Emma Mathieson
Where they work: Valhalla Pure Outfitters Revelstoke
What they do: Herds cats! Just joking....She does all sorts of things, ie. inventory purchasing, staff management, and maintaining a sense of humor when others forget to bring theirs to the shop.
Winter activities: Skiing, snowshoeing, ski touring, sun seeking, cross country skiing, river time, surfing
Summer activities: Mountain biking, rock climbing, paddleboarding, hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing, surfing

My slogan for my owner: Laughter is the best cure for everything!

Penny, VPO Revelstoke

Born on: January 27, 2011

Where I come from: A farm in Creston, BC. I am a half Golden Retriever, half Golden Lab. I am a KIJIJI special (I was cheap)!
Breed: Yellow Lab / Golden Retriever
Occupation: CARDA Avalanche Rescue dog & a member of Revelstoke Search & Rescue
Owner: Jessica & Troy Leahey
Why I love my human: You mean my kibble dispenser?

Winter activities: I spend all winter at Revelstoke Mountain Resort skiing (running) the lift line and saving lives for biscuits. On my days off I am either getting deeper into Revelstokes back-country, or sleeping like a pretzel by the fire.
Summer activities: I am my mom's personal trainer. I have her chase me through the woods on bikes or running... I am also an excellent fisher dog.
Worst habit: I'm the hungriest at 5:00am.

My slogan: Was that a squirrel?

Owner info: Jessica & Troy Leahey
Where they work: VPO Revelstoke
What they do: Merchandising and Sales
Winter activities: Skiing
Summer activities: Trail Running, Fishing, Climbing, Mountain Biking

My slogan for my owner: Whoever said diamonds where a girls best friend, never had a dog.

Ham, VPO Red Deer

Born on: February 3, 2011

Where I come from: Family home in Stettler Alberta--I come from a rainbow coloured litter of 8 as each of my brothers and sisters were a different colour coat from each other - I was the only black one and the smallest in the litter.
Breed: Chinese Shar Pei
Occupation: Cat tamer, adventurer and family psychologist
Owner: Kimberlie May
Why I love my human: She takes me on fun adventures--from short jaunts through the city to car rides to hiking trips.

Winter activities: Pulling my human on skiis, pouncing on anything that moves under the snow and catching snowballs--if only I could return the snowball to Kim before it melts!
Summer activities: Hiking, camping, making friends with squirrels and birds (by trying to cry at them until they come give me a hug...although I am still waiting for the hug)
Worst habit: I HATE water and love playing with cats. Any cat.

My slogan: They don't call me a Ham for nothin'!

Owner info: Kimberlie May
Where they work: VPO Red Deer
What they do: Sells canoes, kayaks, climbing gear... Oh! and dog stuff! Definitely cannot forget that one!
Winter activities: Skiing, hiking, tobogganing, skating
Summer activities: Kayaking, whitewater canoeing, hiking, biking and swimming

My slogan for my owner: Go, go, go! NOW!

Bella, VPO's All Over

Born On: Not exactly sure - maybe 2008?

Where I come from: rescue dog from California, adopted by my owners on Vancouver Island (New Bark Society, Fanny Bay) in 2010
Breed: Chihuahua / Shiba Inu
Occupation: Wait patiently until my human goes outside.
Owner: The Harley's (but mostly Laura)
Why I love my human: She let's me be me and gives me body rubs, which I lo-o-o-o-ve.

Winter Activities: anywhere outside. I love the snow, which is strange given that I am a Mexican breed.
Summer Activities: Okay, so I don't love the water, but being near the water doesn't make me too nervous, especially on a hot day. Hikes in the woods are my favourite.
Worst Habit: waking up my humans to burrow into the bottom of their bed under the covers - doesn't every dog do that?

My slogan: Walk?

Owner info: The Harley's
Where they work: VPO Vancouver & Courtenay
What they do: Help people prepare for their next adventure.
Winter Activities: Skiing and then more skiing.
Summer Activities: All types of biking (DH, XC, Road), hiking, tennis anyone?

My slogan for him: My favourite, except for Laura, of course.