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According to ancient Norse mythology, 'Valhalla' was a brave and noble Viking's final resting place. Bountiful feasts, endless drink, music and friendship were to be shared by all under a roof of antlers.

{ "Testimonial": [ { "Description": "I am VERY satisfied with my experience with VPO! I plan to make many more purchases in the future and near future. I have been telling anyone I can that you have an amazing site!!!! I'll be reviewing my tent that the items I purchased go with and I'll be certain to give VPO a huge shoutout. I love to get behind and back a place that has such great selection, great prices and outstanding service! My only wish is that you folks had retail outlets over on my side of the country! Thank you for the email and have a great day to all!", "Author": "C.W Pakenham, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I just wanted to let you know my order arrived about 45 minutes ago, I just want to say thank you so much. I was not expecting it to arrive in less than 24 hours. I’m impressed with Valhalla Pure & Purolator for getting it across the country so quickly!", "Author": "J.L Mississauga, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "This has been one of the very best customer service experiences I have had in a very long time. Well done! I will definitely be checking with your company first for future purchases.", "Author": "G.K Delta, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I just wanted to thank you for your quick delivery of my Osprey pack! I'm so excited to use the bag that I've been wanting all summer! Thanks again!!", "Author": "N.E Banff, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Just wanted send a quick note to mention how happy I am with the service I’ve received through your e-store. In 2014, I ordered an MSR bivy sac (which was shipped from your store in Revelstoke). The item was shipped either on the day I ordered it or the following day and I had in here in Vancouver within a day or two. The receipt included in the package had a hilarious hand-written note to enjoy my new “bear burrito” (with smiley face) and to “be safe out there and have fun”. Fast forward to yesterday, I ordered a pair of Black Diamond gloves from your Nanaimo store in the morning. The package was picked up by Purolator in the afternoon and arrived at my office today (less than 24 hours later). Again, the receipt included a friendly hand-written note thanking me for my order and hoping the gloves “work out great” with smiley face signed VPO Nanaimo. Receiving my orders so quickly is impressive on its own. But the friendly personal touch tops it off. Great service. Many thanks!", "Author": "R. T. Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "My compliments to Josh at the Abbotsford store and to Purolator for the most efficient order completion, packing and shipping ever experienced. Perhaps the stars aligned just right, but this shipment was not expected until Friday 7 October, so it was with surprise and delight that I took receipt of my order about 10 minutes ago. I look forward to using my Ice Breaker products throughout the coming winter.", "Author": "A.K. Toronto, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Just wanted to say that I was happy to find your store online because you carry such a great selection of high-end products. I actually spent most my life in BC. I lived in Vernon for most of that time but also in New Denver and Revelstoke for a few years. So I'm glad to be supporting a business from an area that I consider home. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon and I did buy a few products from the outdoor store but I was very impressed by your selection and the overall online shopping experience with VPO.", "Author": "R.S. Ft. McMurray, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "For the record, I am supremely impressed with VPO's speed and proficiency in processing the order. Also, I could not find this particular glove online anywhere else in Canada and I was ready to order it out of the USA for $US175. VPO has saved me over $75 after shipping and taxes. Thank you!", "Author": "G.T. Sylvan Lake, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I have bought / ordered several big ticket items from VPO over the last few years and have always had outstanding cutomer service. thankyou for all your help i will continue to be a returning customer.", "Author": "J.S. Lacombe, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Sweet. Thanks very much I appreciate the service. It was my first time using your company and had a great experience.", "Author": "W.A. Edmonton, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I really love your website/store. It has everything I look for all in one place .I've been telling all my friends,YT friends and family to check you folks out. Great selection.", "Author": "C.W. Pakenham, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thank you so much for the follow up!! We love your store in Red Deer. The service has always gone above and beyond and your online is easy as well!", "Author": "M. K Red Deer, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Wow, your customer service is amazing!! I think I’ll look you guys up for my future outdoor equipment and clothing needs. I had never heard of you before – got your company name from customer service at Marmot. Thanks!", "Author": "J.S Niagara Falls, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I ordered online and followed by phone an order for Black Diamond poles because I needed them by Friday. Your staff got right on it and I received them today.... 1 day service. Thank you.", "Author": "B.K Surrey, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thanks so much! Great customer service. Always been happy shopping with you guys", "Author": "B.H Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thank you very much Kira for the quick and exceptional customer service! As well as pass on thanks to anyone else involved for making this specific order possible! I have just placed in my order online now :) I will absolutely be sending anyone else from my regiment who wants to order any Hanwag online your way as well!", "Author": "B.C Calgary, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Your customer service is awesome as usual. You guys always get back to me if there is issues with my orders and try to substitute or make it work somehow. Can't say I get that from your competition. Might have gotten a 'sorry, out of stock' email and that would have been it. Thanks and keep up the service.", "Author": "A.K Fort St. John, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thank you so much for all your help and setting this up - the woman I spoke to on the phone initially, Randi and Roger at Rab have all been absolutely amazing and made me very happy. A+++++ customer service, I shall gladly recommend you", "Author": "A.B North Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Good morning, I made an online purchase of some climbing gear and have recieved it all...It came very quick and from 4 different stores..I am very happy about the customer service..All departments of your purchase,order and shipping team deserve a BIG THANK YOU..", "Author": "R.Q Lethbridge, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Hello...a quick note to thank you for the speed with which you delivered these sandals. I really appreciate it. It may have been as much as four whole days (over New Year's) before they were sitting at our tiny, rural post office...I am impressed....well done! In the etail world that kind of speed is rare. Greyhound freight managed to lose our suitcase and we're still discovering some of the things that were in it....just realized my Keens were missing, so panicked phone call to your website contact person who told me the fastest way to order...4 days later, they're here and we're leaving on a cruise tomorrow! Bottom line? You'll be hearing from us again along with as many friends as we can send your way.", "Author": "D.W Naramata, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I just received my parcel and I'm so very pleased! It was -30C with wind chill this morning and the timing couldn't have been better. I also like the personal thank you from Jaime who picked the order! Big big thanks!!!", "Author": "M.S Ottawa, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Can't believe order was here today at noon. Thanks for great service and lightning fast shipping. Now just have to wait for winter to go away so can get out there... Have a great day.", "Author": "T.N Jasper, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I wasn't expecting the package to show up for a week or so. So you can imagine how shocked I was when it showed up at my door the very next morning! I can't thank you enough. Incredible customer service. Thank you very, very much! VPO for the win! ;D.", "Author": "C.J St. Catharines, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "WOW!!! Yesterday I received my fabulous vest! I am so impressed!!! What fabulous service! Thank-you ever so much!! :-)) ", "Author": "K.D Calgary, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I've always received excellent customer service from you folks and you always seem to go above and beyond. Keep it up!", "Author": "R.A Whitehorse, YU", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thank you for your thoughtfulness -- I've always appreciated your outstanding friendliness and customer service, but this simply confirms you as my favourite place to shop online.", "Author": "M.L.V Lethbridge, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Just wanted to say thanks for the swag package you sent my way earlier this month. While some swag is appreciated, more importantly the gesture shows the extra mile that VPO goes for customer service! Thanks again!", "Author": "B.L Terrace, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Wonderful news! Thank you so very much for taking the time to pay such close attention to this. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Clearly, I should have placed my order with VPO the first time and had it not been for the fact you didn't carry the Waypoint 85, which apparently I'm the last to learn has been discontinued, I certainly would have. My search was limited to the 85, which was a mistake. :( Thanks again for going the extra mile.", "Author": "R.P Calgary, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Hi ! The package arrived safely this morning; thanks. I’m very happy with the product that i received and i’m also VERY happy with the level of communication and service i received from you and the company. Thank you very much!", "Author": "P.B Saint-Hyacinthe, QC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to your staff for rushing my order, taking the trouble to haul it to the post after-hours, and ensuring that I received it with lightning speed ahead of the Easter weekend, in my remote corner of the Yukon. You guys rock!!!! Thanks again.", "Author": "E.K Haines Junction, YT", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with your service (and service at the Revelstoke store in particular). I ordered an item that was in stock in your Revelstoke store yesterday morning around 10:30am. The item was delivered to me at my desk here in Vancouver before 10:30am this morning. Incredible turnaround time. Many thanks.", "Author": "R.T Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I placed an on-line order recently and I'm writing to thank you for the amazing experience I had. I was pleasantly surprised to have received my order in less than 24 hours! My on-line shopping experience with VPO has been consistently awesome. Thank you.", "Author": "N.M Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Wow! That's some fantastic customer service thanks very much! Very refreshing!", "Author": "R.D Swift Current, SK", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Just received Part 1 of my order today, a Mammut Logo t-shirt. Apart from the shipping time being super fast, someone wrote on the packing slip “Great shirt! Enjoy :)” I was already excited to receive the shirt, but this extra little touch with the handwritten message was just fantastic - the kind of service you rarely see anymore. Great job - thank you for this…can’t wait until Part 2 arrives! Keep up the fab work", "Author": "E.U Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Received the package already! Amazing service! Will be buying from you again in the future!", "Author": "B.C Cochrane, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Just wanted to say thanks...you made the online purchase process very smooth and the shoes arrived very fast. One of the best online purchases I ever did! Thanks!", "Author": "L.B Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Hello VPO, I was very happy with my purchase (Deuter Guide Tour 45+ backpack). I was surprised how fast it arrived. I searched Google like 10 pages deep looking for that bag and yours was the only site I found it on. MEC had the Guide 45+ but the Guide Tour was the one I really wanted and needed for my job. I went back to look for it on your site a few days after to show it to a friend and it said sold out, so I must have purchased one of the last ones! I will definitely be telling my friends about your site; finally a good Canadian store and no worries about shipping over the border! Cheers from the East!", "Author": "M.P Sherbrooke, QC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "All I can say is WOW what great service! As a fellow entrepreneur I appreciate and I'm always on the lookout for examples of excellent customer service. Unfortunately these days, particularly on the retail environment,great customer service is an all too infrequent experience. I will certainly be telling the story of my delightful first Valhalla Pure Outfitters experience.", "Author": "S.K Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Not only were you guys fast in shipping, you were the only store I could find in Canada that had these boots in my size. Your website made it quick and convenient for me to place my order. I can't wait to check out an actual store. I won't shop for outdoor equipment anywhere else again. Thanks for being great. - happy customer soon to be repeat customer.", "Author": "C.K Sorrento, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thanks for shipping it so quickly! You also didn't have to throw in any extras but I do really appreciate it. You guys are awesome to deal with and I will definitely be making most (if not all) my future purchases with you. This was my first time ever dealing with VPO", "Author": "W.L Red Deer, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I wish to convey my sincere appreciation to Tanner and the gang at VPO who promptly addressed my shipping concern. There was an error in sending the proper size and it was professionally dealt with to the point that your office contacted the manufacturer to resolve the issue. I will not hesitate to recommend your store to family, friends, and colleagues. The professionalism and excellent customer service far exceeded my expectations and have earned a lifelong customer.", "Author": "S.S Winnipeg, MB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Hi there, I'd just like to say thank you for the fast service and excellent customer service I received during my recent purchase. I also appreciated the personal touch of writing a small message on the packing slip. Really cool! I'll definitely recommend your website and consider it for future purchases. The products were as described and good quality!", "Author": "C.C Ottawa, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "To the folks at VPO, A note of congratulations for such swift, personalized online service. I placed my order on Sunday (Aug. 30) and by noon today (Tuesday Sept. 1), my order was delivered! I appreciated the order status updates and the tracking and notification of impending Purolator Delivery. Great service! But most remarkable of all, was the hand written note enclosed in my package! How thoughtful! No retailer in Ontario has any of these terrific Merrell pants left in stock and I understand that Merrell will no longer be making them. I am so fortunate to have found them online at your store.This has been a terrific online shopping experience.", "Author": "M.T Kanata, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I just wanted to write and say thank-you for the excellent service. I live in the province of Quebec and could not find the bag I was looking for, anywhere (Osprey Tempest 20- magenta), the only place I found it was on your website. Not knowing your company I took a chance and ordered online. I was so impressed, from the detailed and quick e-mails to the fast delivery. I am a very satisfied company and have spread the word to my friends and family.", "Author": "M.D Gatineau, QC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I just want to say thank you so very much for the great service and quick delivery! I'm very excited to have found a store that still believes in customer satisfaction!", "Author": "D.B Castlegar, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service. The experience will definitely make me a return customer.", "Author": "J.P Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Hi VPO crew! I loved your little hand written note in my package about having a great adventure it was lovely!!!! I'm really happy with my bag cannot WAIT to use it!!!!! Thanks again will definitely use you again for any travel needs and I'll be sure to tell everyone how fab you are!", "Author": "C.M Banff, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "This is to express my thanks to Murray and Pete of your Squamish store, who were helpful to me beyond the call of duty on what was after all a pretty small order. Nice folks to deal with!", "Author": "D.D Squamish, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Just got the hoody today. It looks great, fits well, and is nice and comfy. Thanks for going out of your way for me, best service ever!", "Author": "D.N Montreal, QC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Hi! Just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had dealing with your Vancouver store. I placed my order online on the 15th and got it in Edmonton by the 16th, amazing! The handwritten personalized note from the staff member who packed it was a really nice touch. Thanks again, have always enjoyed doing business with your store! And I love my new Arcteryx hoodie :)", "Author": "C.D Edmonton, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Hey team VPO, I had an issue with my purchase. I just wanted to let you know that your e-commerce department is being led by a very professional and responsive manager. I was very well taken care of and am grateful for the service that I had gotten from the purchase. One extremely satisfied customer.", "Author": "W.K Surrey, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I want you to give your red deer store a nod for exceptional customer service. My wife needed winter boots so I followed her around the mall in search of 'inexpensive' yet comfy boots. At every store I said 'let's just go to VPO and get some Keens'. Long and short, we go there and your staff spends at least a half hour schooling us on boots, socks, merino wool and gators. Great product knowledge. Wicked good shopping experience. I have been a customer for a number of years and will continue to be. Cheers!", "Author": "G.B Red Deer, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Just wanted to say thank you again for getting the backpack to me so quickly. Excellent customer service and even though you are located on the other side of the country we will continue to order from you!", "Author": "P.J Saint John, NB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I just wanted to communicate my sincere appreciation for the fantastic customer service I received from your company! I don't often write commending a business, too often retailers are not worthy of such praise. I contacted your store to purchase a last minute Christmas gift I couldn't find anywhere, which also had to be delivered to Ontario...quickly...All the customer service reps I spoke to were extremely pleasant and helpful. They got the order rolling and in discussing my delivery options also saved me shipping fees! Im happy to say my purchase arrived a day early! I will most certainly return to your company in the future and recommend. Thanks for making this part of my Xmas stress free and have a wonderful new year!!", "Author": "S.G Brampton, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Wow! I am impressed! Contact Valhalla Pure via Facebook site about whether there was a certain brand of shoe in stock and had the pair I wanted sent from the Vernon store. The shoes were delivered to my door. All in two days. I am a very happy customer.", "Author": "S.M Salt Spring Island, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I recently bought rock climbing shoes via the VPO online route. They didn't fit and your store graciously helped me return them. Even better, your friendly and helpful staff helped me find a pair that fit perfectly! Thanks again!", "Author": "D.B Courtenay, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Hey! Got my great boots today. Nice note there too from Nanaimo gang! You guys are a good bunch to deal with. Wouldn’t think twice if I need spares again. Have a great weeeknd!!", "Author": "N.C Vernon, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I’ve just called the Nanaimo’s VPO store to enquire about the jacket, the lady I spoke with was incredibly kind and took the time to take my personal info and answer all my questions. Her customer service was simply great! So, everything went perfectly and I can’t wait to get this new Jacket. Thank you for your time and thanks to all your team!", "Author": "J.M Charny, QC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thanks for getting back to me Randi! The level of service you (and VPO) provides is top-notch. Good to know that the order should be in by the 15th. Thanks again.", "Author": "B.L Terrace, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I just received a special order from you folks and wanted to thank you for the quick and smooth transaction. Every VPO person I communicated with was friendly, professional, and prompt with their replies. I appreciate the little things, such as an employee hand writing to thank me for my business - it's gestures like that that will compel me to choose VPO over other retailers in the future. Thank you!", "Author": "K.E Winnipeg, MB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I just want to say how wonderful your customer service is! I recently placed an order for Teva flip flops, one of the pairs were not in stock but Danielle let me know right away, and I received my order in just a couple of days. When I opened the box there was a hand written note on my purchase order form Courtenay. I really do appreciate such quick and personal service. You have fantastic staff!", "Author": "M.G Chilliwack, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "VPO online store and customer service has never failed to exceed my expectations.", "Author": "T.T Calgary, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I just recently purchased a pair of Marmot Lobo’s Convertible Pants from your online store (first time doing online order, I have shopped in Vancouver store)….and I just wanted to send a quick note to say how super easy, great tracking notifications and the delivery was! Nice work Valhalla!", "Author": "S.L Delta, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Received the pillows this am while I was finishing my coffee before heading off the work. Awe-some! Thanks for looking after this... You guys are great and besides having the best stuff at reasonable prices, the support goes a long way!!! Thanks so much! You gave become my 'first go to place' for all our adventure needs. You guys are great! All the best!!", "Author": "G.K Ottawa, ON", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I went into my Valhalla local store in Vancouver today to return a pair of Kuhl pants. I wasn't really sure how this would go but I want to let you know that from the moment I walked into the store the staff were very quick to get to the point and help me out. In particular, there was a staff member at the back of the store who truly impressed me with the efficiency of his work, his warmth in engagement with me as a customer, and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure I left happy. I did leave happy. I want to make sure this is acknowledged because in many retail situations these days, service is a factor that is not well implemented and often lacking or hidden behind 'store policy' and general 'big box' feel. Thank you for this today. Send that Vancouver store some kudos for a job well done.", "Author": "T.G Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thanks so much Randi! I am really impressed with VPO and we have bought all our gear from you. Nice to be able to support a competitive, high quality store from Western Canada! And the service has been wonderful! Have a great weekend!", "Author": "B.W Salmon Arm, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thank you for your great service on my first order online from VPO. I will certainly look to VPO for any of my future outdoor needs.", "Author": "K.O Salmon Arm, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect backpack! I tried it yesterday with 21 pounds for about 5 km and it was very comfortable, the perfect size and fit my gear with room to spare for that 7 day trip I am planning. I really appreciate your help and have already begun recommending Valhalla Pure to my friends and family.", "Author": "S.M Edgewater, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I called the Broadway store to inquire about a jacket size and ask if I could stop by to try it on. I was helped by Milica, who showed superior customer service and product knowledge. Milica was extremely kind and gave me a full lecture on the cost/benefit of the item, highlighting its superior quality and performance. Milica's attention and knowledge impressed me and I will be sure to come back and recommend Valhalla, which I didn't know, to all my friends.", "Author": "R.M Vancouver, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I really appreciated the note Josh sent with the jacket for my online order. It is really refreshing and pleasing that an employee has the time to endorse a product and write it down for a customer. Please pass on my thanks to him, you have a great employee!!", "Author": "N.I Surrey, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I really appreciate how easy it is to deal with you guys, thank you so much!", "Author": "H.O Whitehorse, YT", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Thanks Randi, it's been a pleasure doing business with VPO and look forward to more of it in the future.", "Author": "M.V Victoria, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Amazing service, my shoes arrived today!", "Author": "P.B Vernon, BC", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "Yes, we managed to get the backpack just in time! Thank you so much for your help with that. We ended up having an amazing trip and the Osprey worked perfectly. I can't wait to use it again!", "Author": "K.R Calgary, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" }, { "Description": "I have been waiting for a local Calgary supplier to bring in Delta cockpit covers so that I could get one for the Delta 14 that I purchased. I checked your website this weekend and saw that you had it in stock. Placed my first order with you Saturday and already received it this morning. It even contained a hand written comment of ‘Happy Paddling’. Great service!", "Author": "R.H Okotoks, AB", "LinkURL": "http://aspdotnetstorefront.staging10.vpo.ca/contactUs" } ] }
{ "FeatureProducts": [ { "ImgUrl": "/images/product/large/289261_1_mutinyblue.jpg", "Brand": "Kuhl", "ProductName": "Interceptr Jacket - Men's", "Price":139.95, "Rating":5.0, "LinkURL": "/product/289261/interceptr-jacket-mens" }, { "ImgUrl": "/images/product/large/283169_1_burntcaramel.jpg", "Brand": "Prana", "ProductName": "Avril, 32'' Inseam - Women's", "Price":95.00, "Rating":5.0, "LinkURL": "/product/283169/avril-pants-32-inseam-womens" }, { "ImgUrl": "https://vpo.ca/images/product/large/315242_1_justblack.jpg", "Brand": "Fimbulvetr", "ProductName": "Rangr", "Price":299.00, "LinkURL": "/product/315242/rangr-x" }, { "ImgUrl": "/images/product/large/301293_1_keylimedeepsea.jpg", "Brand": "Nemo Equipment", "ProductName": "Disco 30, Reg, -1C/30F - Thermo Gill - Men's", "Price":269.96, "Rating":5.0, "LinkURL": "/product/301293/disco-30-reg-1c-30f-thermo-gill-mens" } ] }

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