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      With the 3+ you are in charge! The patented Smart-Antenna-Technology ™ with intelligent position recognition automatically switches to the best transmission antenna. You will be found easier.Ortovox makes no compromises in terms of searching either. The 3+ is equipped with all the features of a modern, digital 3-antenna device. The illuminated real-time display tells you the direction, distance and number of victims. The tendency display, combined with the intuitive search acoustics, leaves no doubt when operating in fine search mode. Once located, victims can be removed from the display using the flagging function. The motion-sensor-based follow-up avalanche switchover ensures additional safety. Ortovox has also thought about the future: the 3+ can be updated and protects the environment with just a single battery.

      Probe Alu 240 Light
      AviTECH Shovel - D-Grip - Red

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