Valhalla Kingdom

Helle knives are handmade by a small artisan group of descendants of the Viking Kingdom in northern Norway. From the finest carbon steels and hardwood or bone handles, these knives are the real deal!
Kupilka utensils and dish ware are made in Finland, part of the Viking Kingdom. These rustic pieces are made from natural wood waste and composites. To dispose of, toss them in the fireplace- green to make, green to dispose of. And very attractive set on a festive table or out in the bush. For all the Rastafarians on your Christmas list.
Growers Cup roasts and prepares their world famous, award winning, rich Ethiopian coffees in Denmark, part of the Viking Kingdom. Whether you're out back country skiing, or stuck in a hotel room with just a coffee maker, enjoy what may be the best coffee on the planet, and support the Ethiopian coffee growers.