presidents message
Welcome to Valhalla Pure Outfitters updated online shop.

To all our Owners, Staff, and especially our Customers, I'd like to wish everyone happy holidays and best wishes for 2014.

Will 2014 be a great year? No one knows, but after several years of tightening the belt and adjusting to a sick and tired world economy, it's a relief to put that all behind us. Lets all ignore the media- they seem determined to inject dismal sentiment and anxiety into every publication.

Can we live our day to day with more enthusiasm, more creativity, and more positivity in 2014?

Absolutely, and of course the net effect of being positive is better health, better results, more smiles, and better sleeps.

So my personal 2014 New Years resolution is just that- be a little more positive, and try to convince others to give it a try. What's to lose anyway?

All the best,

David Harley
New Denver, BC.

VPO Group
Valhalla Kingdom shop owners and Head Office staff