{ "info": { "title": "New Denver", "phone": "(250) 358-7755", "address": "430 6th Ave, New Denver, BC V0G 1S0", "mailprefix":"newdenver", "owner": "Kelley Wright", "description": "

We will be open Dec 15 & 16 (11am to 6pm), 22 & 23 (1pm to 6pm) and 24th (10am to 3pm) for your last minute Christmas shopping!

Backpacking in the Valhalla or Kokanee Parks. Sailing and exploring Slocan Lake by kayak. Hiking and biking the endless trails based out of the valley. World class DH & XC mountain biking. Exploring and scrambling in the alpine- great access.

Don't miss the Hills Garlic Festival in New Denver's Centennial Park the weekend after Labour Day weekend.

We close late October and reopen early May. But come and visit anyway! The North Slocan receives 60 feet of snowfall every winter. Access is excellent, but the verticals are typically over a mile, so most of our ski terrain is accessed by helicopter, snow cat or snow mobile. Decent approaches from the high point in the passes can work, talk to locals. It's no surprise New Denver is on BC's Powder Hiway! Time for a road trip this winter?

For our international visitors: please keep in mind that Idaho Peak, London Ridge and the Retallack to Cody quad road are not snow-free at high elevations until some time mid July.

Valhalla Pure Outfitters was born on Canada Day 1990 in New Denver, across the lake from BC's Valhalla Park. That makes it our original store! Population in New Denver: about 500.

Virtual Tour of VPO New Denver - click on the image below

Virtual Tour of The Beach Shop - click on the image below

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