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September 2021

A Good Stove Gets Better: The Jetboil Stash

By David Wilson & Chris Kimmel (Photo Credit @alpineedge)

Jetboil's approach to backcountry cooking with an all in-one-package, stowing the fuel, burner, and ignition source inside a sleek, durable, and packable pot is brilliant. Their stoves are easy to grab-and-go, simple to use, and extremely efficient. This all got better with the Jetboil Stash. The Stash kept the features that make Jetboil stoves great, but is made a whole lot lighter. Some of the weight saving measures Jetboil employed when they designed the Stash include a ultra light weight titanium burner, removing the push button ignition, and removing the pot cozy.

I was a little shocked to see the stove without jetboil's reliable and simple push button ignition. However, in place of the traditional ignition, the Stash has a spot to store your ignition source of choice under the lid. This simplifies the stove's design, with fewer breakable parts and, of course, it significantly decreases its weight.

The Stash also does not have a pot cozy that is found on many of the other Jetboil pots, and I don't miss it! I rarely leave water in the pot that needs to stay warm. When I'm hungry, or ready for a nice hot drink in the backcountry, I don't waste any time; when the water boils, I’m ready to eat and drink! Without the cozy, I find the new lightweight handle is much more functional than the flexible handle found on the cozy, the outside of the pot is much easier to keep clean, and of course, its absence cuts some significant weight.

One feature I really love about the Stash is the ability to attach the bottom of the fuel canister to the bottom of the lid for transport. This storage system helps avoid the potential of rust marks from the steel edges of the fuel canister forming on the inside of the pot. Additionally, as mentioned above, the cavity created between the fuel canister and the lid is the perfect spot to stow your ignition source.

A couple other features of the Stash I appreciate include the millilitre markings on the inside of the pot, the ability to simmer, and that the lid is made of lighter weight, transparent material, which is great for taking a quick peek at what's going on inside.

I have been a fan of Jetboil stoves for a while, simply due to its efficient design, ease of use, and very fast boil times. The Stash kept these features, but was made even better, with a much lighter and compact design! I’m looking forward to many more backcountry meals with the Stash!


Stash Cooking System


Obsessively engineered to be compact, Stash lets you maximize your pack space to its fullest potential, without sacrificing that iconic Jetboil performance.

The Stash nests completely into itself. Letting you get further into the backcountry without sacrificing a warm meal. At 200 grams, the .8L Stash is 40% lighter than the .8L Zip. Time to dream big, and pack small.

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