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May 2021

Delta & Time SequenceOne Trench Review

Written by: Brendan Anderson

Vancouver is a city with many faces. When an alpine adventure awaits, that neon-coloured shell is undoubtedly the right answer, and the spontaneous might choose to be equipped for adventure at any moment. But for those with a professional or perhaps romantic rendezvous on the agenda, or those seeking to make a more sleek, suave, understated impression…well, they need to stay dry too!

Enter the Delta & Time SequenceOne Trench Coat. Designed for wet days in urban environments “when the weather goes sideways”, this coat takes technology from the hardiest and most trusted mountain shells and packages it into a beautiful, athletic fit, thigh-length design. And let me tell you, it works.

As it happened, I received the SequenceOne Trench Coat just in time for an early bout of Vancouver spring weather. So, no rain in sight! This gave me plenty of time to get used to the coat’s fit and features without taking it to its limit. The SequenceOne Trench Coat is packed with thoughtful features and subtle design cues.

The interior of the coat is comfortable next to the skin and can be worn over a t-shirt without feeling clammy, making it a versatile, year-round shell for rainy days in the city. The pockets are lined with microfibre fleece and provide a warm refuge for cold hands. The sleeves have an elastic cuff tucked just inside the outer shell to prevents gusts and rain from getting inside.

One thing to note: while these work wonders on windy days, they can also slightly push up the sleeves of sweaters and long-sleeved shirts underneath. Subtle chest pockets, an interior pocket, and hand warming pockets all provide ample space for just about anything you can think to carry with you. The adjustable hood also makes it easy to find a comfortable fit and keep rain out without restricting vision.

A split fishtail design in the back is a classy nod to the coat’s urban design inspiration. Sitting at mid-thigh (for this relatively tall reviewer) and with just enough room for a mid-layer or two underneath, this is a classy coat. A reflective strip along the right arm is subtle during the day but gives the wearer better visibility when out and about on stormy nights—a seriously important consideration for Vancouverites. I very much enjoyed wearing the SequenceOne Trench Coat, and I received several compliments (as well as a few awkward interactions as people inspected me for the bird logo…sorry, there’s a new player in town!).

In typical Vancouver fashion, the sunny weather soon came to an end. Luckily, this coat was up to the test. Made with a three-layer laminate material, DWR coating, and fully taped seams, the SequenceOne Trench Coat will keep you dry, full stop. It will also let excess heat escape to prevent overheating.

The material feels incredible sturdy, and yet is quiet and even slightly stretchy. This coat is thoughtfully designed to move quietly through a full range of motion. Between its sleek aesthetic and thoughtful design, the SequenceOne Trench Coat is comfortable and breathable enough to absent-mindedly leave on when indecisive weather would otherwise mean constant, on-and-off layering.

This coat kept me warm, dry, and comfortable through several weeks of testing in and around Vancouver. For the city-bound, the professionals, and those looking to make an appearance, make an impression, or make a mark, this jacket allows you to do so while staying as dry and comfortable as a Saskatchewan sailor.

Bio: Brendan Anderson is a Vancouver-based professional in the non-profit and social entrepreneurship sectors and an outdoors and adventure photographer. As an avid storyteller, Brendan has built a portfolio focusing on responsible travel, global citizenship, and outdoors experiences, combining his love of adventure with his drive for social good. Check out some of his adventures at