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January 2024

Gear Review: Deuter Futura 26L

Gear Reviewer: Cassie Markham (@cassie.adventuring)

From long days in the BC backcountry to hut to hut trips in Europe the Deuter Futura 26L is the perfect day pack. Large enough for all your necessities without ever feeling too cumbersome or heavy for a day trip.

I’ve been testing out this pack on all my adventures this summer and I have nothing but good things to say about it. It truly is the perfect day pack for longer adventures, packed with amazing features that make it stand out from the “pack” - pun intended.

Size and Fit

The Futura comes in a number of different sizes from 21L to 42L as well as an overnight fit up to 60+10L. It also comes in a women’s specific fit as well as a unisex option. For my needs I chose the 26L in the unisex fit. I was looking for something on the smaller side for a day specific pack, I already had a separate overnight pack and a winter specific day pack for ski touring, when I need to bring more gear. I have a longer torso and tested both the women’s and the unisex fit and ultimately found the unisex to be a better option for me. For my needs, the size and fit of this pack has been perfect.


Some of my favourite things about this pack are the built-in rain cover, scrunchy side and front pockets, side access zipper, airlift technology and the holder on the shoulder strap for my sunglasses. I also love that the shoulder straps are compatible with my Peak Design clip and the colour is so bright and cheerful.

As much as I like to say I’m a fair-weather hiker, living in BC sometimes the mountains have different ideas, the built in rain cover in this pack has definitely saved me a few times! I never need to worry about whether or not I remembered to stuff it in my pack - I also love that it’s super fluorescent green in the event that inclement weather led to a more serious situation, it would make my pack easier to spot so it’s a bit of a built in safety feature as well.

I love all the pockets, loops and zipper functions on this pack! The scrunchy side and front pockets were a must for me when replacing my old pack. I love being able to keep my poles, sunscreen, bug spray and trail seat or tripod in the outside pockets of my pack for easy access. I also love the front scrunch for quickly changing out layers without opening up my pack. I have a tendency to be go-go-go on the trail so any function that allows me to keep moving without having to re-sort my pack makes me a happy hiker. The top zipper pocket is extra spacious for snacks, headlamps, gloves ect; and there’s also zipper pockets on the hipbelt that are actually large enough to fit your standard cell phone! In the event I do need to access the main section I love that there are two ways to do so - through the top of the pack like most typical day packs but also through a side access zipper for items that might be buried at the bottom.

The airlift technology really makes a difference on longer, hotter days, keeping the pack off your back for better airflow, and a more ergonomic fit as well as keeping your hydration pack cooler than it would be pressed against your body all day.

When purchasing this pack, I was replacing an old favourite that I’d used for over 5 years and over 300 days on the trail, that packs was discontinued and I was worried that I wouldn’t find something with all the same features - this pack definitely fit the bill and more with some improved technology and added features such as the small sunglass sleeve in the shoulder strap so that I no longer drop my glasses whipping off the chest strap and completely forgetting that’s where I placed them (not that that ever happened).

Overall I would give this pack at 10/10, it’s held up really well on all my adventures this year. I got one small tear in the bottom while descending an awful boulder field but luckily it’s on the bottom rain cover pocket, so it doesn't directly impact that bag. Maybe one day I’ll add a patch there. Aside from that the pack has had no issues and the design has been great all the way from the Rocky Mountains in BC and Alberta to the French, Italian and Swiss Alps surrounding Mount Blanc!