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June 2023

Gear Review: Devold Breeze Merino T-Shirt & Hipster

Gear Reviewer: Morgan Forbes

T-shirts and undergarments are unsung heroes of hiking apparel. A t-shirt/undergarments can make or break your day, especially if you're spending full days on the trail or tackling multi-day adventures. As an outdoor enthusiast, I tend to seek clothing that is moisture-wicking, environmentally friendly and highly desirable for its versatility and performance. It's important to have base layers that are adaptable to changing environments and keep you cool, dry and comfortable as the kilometres add up.

While travelling throughout Europe and the Canadian Rockies, the humidity and constant fluctuation in temperatures really allowed me to put the Devold Breeze Merino 150 T-Shirt and Merino 150 Hipster undergarments to the test. When hiking in warmer weather while in Portugal, the Devold Breeze Merino 150 duo had me forgetting I was even wearing clothes.

Throughout our daily exerting adventures - walking, hiking, biking or climbing, this dream team of an outfit continuously proved itself to be light and airy with temperature regulating abilities. In fact, they've been versatile enough to excel in the array of environments I've recently set foot in.


Devold Breeze Merino 150 T-Shirt and Hipster are made from 100% premium Merino wool weighing 150g each. This line of clothing feels soft, gentle and ultra-light on my body. I look forward to wearing these pieces all year round.

Environmentally Conscious

  • 100 % traceability. All Devold garments are traceable, with more than 60 % being traceable all the way back to the exact farm that produced the wool. See for yourself, on your garment's label!
  • 84 % natural. Devold’s goal is to make wool clothes without a negative impact on the environment and nature
  • Only needs to be aired instead of washed. You can use these garments several times without necessarily needing to wash them - which makes this clothing perfect for longer trips.

Temperature Regulation

Thermo-regulating Merino wool has extraordinary moisture wicking properties, with a cooling effect in hot weather and naturally protects wearers from UV rays - yet also feels warm against the skin if temperatures drop. It is both breathable and more resistant to odor causing bacteria than synthetic fibres. No wash, no smell, no problem.


The Breeze Merino 150 T-Shirt is flexible and appreciatively doesn't ride up even with a backpack. This product fits true to size and functionally well with a great cut.

The Breeze Merino 150 Hipster contains flat seams for optimal comfort and layering needs. The comfort and lack of riding up/bunching beneath various pant styles does not go unnoticed. I would recommend sizing up in this product for the best functional fit.

When it comes to your Merino wool needs, Devold has you covered!