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October 2022

Gear Review: Kuhl Rydr Pants & Interceptr 1/4 Zip

Reviewer: Drew Gabruch

Kühl Rydr Pants

The Rydr Pants are perfect for your fall or spring day-hike, camping trips with friends and family, and any outdoor manual labour. They are more durable than burlap if you find yourself weaving through the forest, and their durability proved to be outstanding even when rock-tested on some light scrambling.

The Rydr Pant accommodates comfort by combining just enough stretch for activities, along with surprisingly breathable and light technology. For a pant that may appear to be a ‘hard-working’ outdoor style, they really check every box in terms of performance.

It would be shocking to come across a rip or snag in the Rydr Pant; they feature a reinforced ankle cuff which is great if you are strapping on micro spikes for a light winter hike on some icy terrain! Your typical splash of water or mud from a trail will not be doing much to these pants, but it could certainly make them look more appropriate for their function. Overall, the Rydr Pant does its job, and then some. Free and easy fit, stylish colours, and built to last a lifetime; these pants are made for the long-haul.

Interceptr 1/4 Zip

The Interceptr ¼ Zip Fleece offers premium versatility. This light, warm piece begs to be thrown in your pack for overnight camping trips. When you need to warm up around campfire, in your sleeping bag over the chilly dark hours of the night, or when the morning breeze touches your skin after hiking up to that special spot for the sunrise, the Interceptr ¼ Zip is your number one option.

A superb true-to-size fit provides minimal wiggle room, keeping this piece nice and snug to perform at its highest potential. The front zip-pocket feature enables easy access to your phone, keys, wallet, etc. while keeping them close to the chest at the same time. Thumb loops at the end of the sleeves can provide more breathability for you to stretch the fleece out if you are in a more active state.

When tested in the backcountry the Interceptr ¼ Zip outperformed any fleece layer that I have used in the past. Lightweight and warm, fitted and trendy, and a downright essential item that I will be bringing for adventures to come. At times the fleece became almost too effective in terms of instant warmth, but thankfully that was exactly what I was hoping for during my autumn night tucked away in my sleeping bag. And with a smile, when it was time to tuck away the Interceptr ¼ Zip for the hike out, it was like adding a drop of air to my backpack, as I made my way without feeling any substantial difference in packable weight.

From start to finish, I highly recommend this fleece to the common overnight hiker, camper, fall weather lover, among many other fields of use. A phenomenal product, through every stitch of fabric.