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October 2021

Gear Review: Lasting Merino

Reviewed by: The Mordaks

If you’ve come to know us in any capacity—you may know that we adore merino wool. It is a go-to layer for our whole family on adventures for a number of reasons:

  1. It's environmentally friendly
  2. The temperature regulation is unmatched (hot weather, cold weather—it works in any season!)
  3. All-around comfort is key
  4. It's antimicrobial (a big benefit when you're sweating from hiking hills or chasing your toddler)

How Does it Stack Up?

We’ve had the privilege to come to know many several brands and sources of merino over the years. If you don’t know this yet—quality varies. Our Lasting Merino wools have been brilliant. When we first acquired these shirts, we were kindly warned that we would be grabbing at the Lasting Merino tees over other merinos in our drawers and this advice was not wrong!

These wools are extremely soft on the first wear. We were particularly thankful to have had them on our cool September backcountry camping trip to keep us warm at our summit and when dozing in the tent. Further, now that the weather has turned cooler you will find me in mine on the regular and it will most definitely be a go to layer when we head into the snowy mountains.

What's in a Lasting Merino Shirt?