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March 2022

Gear Review: Lasting Merino & Summiting Aconcagua

Written by: Shannon & Tyson Head (@restlesscrusade)

For years Tyson and I have been adventuring into the backcountry and really just grabbing some random layers and hoping to stay warm/cool depending on the weather conditions. It wasn’t until recently we became more educated on what types of layers would be the most efficient at doing that.

Our big trip far into the mountains to summit Aconcagua would require minimal clothing (due to weight restrictions) but needed to keep us cool in the hot sun and warm in the freezing windy temperatures. This is where we learned the importance of merino wool. Lasting Merino was presented to us and we can’t say enough about this product. When we started our hike, it was +25. We needed to stay protected from the sun. Sunscreen is a pain when you have to apply it multiple times a day and have limited access to water to be able to wash it off later. This has everything going for it:

  • Natural wool – not itchy, super soft from day 1.
  • Excellent temperature control – we could wear this in +25C all the way down to the -10C we experienced. Merino wool allows your body to maintain its natural temperature whether it be warm or cold out.
  • Minimal to no smell – we wore these for 15 plus days with two in rotation each, curtesy of the anti-microbial properties.
  • Moisture regulation – wicked the sweat off amazingly as well as dried super quick.
  • Machine washable – Just throw them in the washing machine and hang to dry.

I feel the comfort in these tops was the biggest perk. Overall, we were super happy with these long sleeve tops. They comfortably got us from the parking lot at 2900 metres at +25C, to Camp Colera at 6000 metres at -10C, to the summit at 6962 at +8C. Our only wish is for baselayer bottoms to soon become available as well ;)

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