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February 2023

Gear Review: Nemo Dagger OSMO 3P

Gear Reviewer: Cassie Markham (@cassie.adventuring)

After many years with the same tent I was due for an upgrade last spring. I was looking for something lightweight, yet roomy and something that was durable and weather resistant enough to withstand some more rugged BC adventures.

There were a ton of great options out there, but I eventually landed on the Nemo Dagger OSMO 3P and after some extensive testing last season it definitely checked all the boxes for me.


At an impressive 4lbs 10 oz or 2.1 kgs, this tent is lightweight enough that I could comfortably carry it on my own on a 3 day trip if needed and, with the new Divvy Cube (included rectangular stuff sack), you also have the option to split the weight with your partner.

Features like the DAC Featherlite® NSL pole structure and proprietary OSMO material make it lightweight while maintaining enough space to enjoy your time at camp.


Knowing that we don’t always have the flexibility to choose the best weather windows with our busy schedules and with a new baby at home, finding a tent that had enough space for the two (or even three of us) to comfortably hang-out in at camp was important to me.

Coming in at 43.9 sq ft of 4/1 sq m, and additional 11.4 sq 4 /1.1 sq m vestibule on each side this tent has an impressive amount of space for it’s weight.

The first time we set-up and got all our sleeping pads in place we were pleasantly surprised with the amount of extra space before even adding the fly. There’s 6 internal pockets (three per side) at various different heights, including overhead light diffusing pockets. The two large doors and unique shaped vestibules never left us feeling cramped, even with all our gear tucked inside.

Plus, with the 42-inch / 106 cm peak height you can easily sit up straight inside. The sidewalls and doors are made of white mesh for a little extra privacy when hanging out without the fly, but the top remains a black mesh to optimize your stargazing capabilities (which I highly recommend if you get a clear night)!


After a number of multi-day trips this summer both on established tent pads and some more rugged areas I have had 0 concerns with the Dagger. It has held up well in all conditions and was still in excellent condition when I packed it away at the end of the season.

I felt like the unique shape of the tent and the two stake points for the vestibules improved fly durability compared to other tents I’d had in the past by reducing the amount of flapping in the wind. On our windiest days the wind seemed to sail right over our tent with limited shaking (great for durability also great for sleeping)!

The poles also have shock cord running through the middle and sturdy metal hubs, I didnt feel like I was going to inadvertently snap anything like I have with some other lightweight models (although an emergency pole splint is included if the poles develop a crack on trail).

The triangle stakes are lightweight but thick and resist bending, even when hammered into the ground with a rock and all of it is backed by NEMO's lifetime warranty which gave me some added comfort.

Note: we did purchase the added Nemo Dagger footprint which I would highly recommend to extend the life of your tent.


The first time we set-out with the Dagger was in less than optimal conditions (read: 50+ km winds, rain and mild snow with temperatures hovering around 0 before wind chill), but I was once again pleasantly surprised with the tent.

Made with NEMO’s proprietary OSMO™ poly-nylon, this tent promised 4x better water repellency, 3x less stretch when wet, and a 20% higher strength rating than similar fabrics. I was a little skeptical with all these claims but it truly performed when wet. There was no condensation in the tent in the morning thanks to the protected strut vents at the top of both vestibule entries which allow ventilation even in the rain. It was quick-drying, even in cooler conditions and water never entered the tent!

It was also upgraded last year with the Landing Zone (a waterproof storage tub in the vestibule) which protects gear from the elements.

Note: I would recommend looking up how to use this before hitting the trail because we struggled with it a bit, but once we figured it out, it was great!

Plus OSMO composite fabric is completely free of fire retardants and is woven from 100% recycled yarns to reduce waste.

Easy set-up

An added bonus with the Dagger is how easy it is to set-up and take down. The colour-coded poles with colour-matched webbing on the tent make set-up super intuitive. The tent also features NEMOs unique ball and socket connection points to connect the poles to the tent, which are super secure and also feel like they add a layer of durability vs. traditional pole pocket grommets.

Overall we were incredibly pleased with the Nemo Dagger OSMO 3P and how it performed in every area. It definitely checked all the boxes for us. If you’re looking for something lightweight yet spacious that performs well in subpar weather, this is a great option for you. A little heavier than some ultralight models but with some excellent trade-offs for the weight!