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May 2024

Gear Review: Nemo Vantage Endless Promise 26L

Gear Reviewer: Emily Janzen @em.outdoors_



Attention all outdoor enthusiasts infiltrating the corporate world! If you're on the hunt for an everyday adventure backpack that seamlessly transitions from the trail to the office, the Nemo Vantage Daypack is a great option.

I recently tested out the Nemo Vantage Daypack by taking it on a bike ride around Ottawa, and I was impressed by all its convenient features and versatile design. Right off the bat, I noticed the attention to design, with tons of pockets and compartments for organization. The daypack's tech compartment, laptop sleeve, expandable stash pocket (which fits a bike helmet perfectly), and various organizer pockets, make it a great commuter companion. This backpack is an organized person’s dream.



I liked how the backpack has travel-friendly features too, including a luggage handle pass-through (something I can’t live without these days) and a secret security pocket in the back panel. These features make this backpack a good option for business trips or adventures abroad. One thing I found quite clever was the stay upright geometry of the bag. I tested this out by dropping the bag a couple times and it landed upright and didn’t tip over – a small detail that I didn’t know I needed until now.



The materials used for the daypack are durable and water-resistant. It also features breathable back cushioning which is necessary for outdoor escapades, whether you're hitting the trails or exploring city parks. There are multiple ways to adjust the straps and the chest strap too. The capacity of the bag is 26 Ls but it feels like this bag can fit much more due to its expandability. 

The feature I liked best about the Nemo Vantage Daypack, however, is the commitment to sustainability. Nemo's "endless promise" design means it’s crafted from lower carbon materials and is 100% recyclable. It's gear that's good for you and good for the planet.



Overall, I think this backpack is a great, sustainable option for those looking for a versatile backpack that you can take to work, travelling and outdoors.