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May 2024

Gear Review: Petzl Borea Helmet, Corax LT Harness & Saka Chalk Bag

Reviewer: Heather Burrows @mtn.prl


Rock-climbing is a fundamentally dangerous sport, and ensuring you have high-quality gear is one way to help mitigate the associated risks. When I am selecting gear, safety is always my top priority which is why I often gravitate towards well trusted companies such as Petzl. Considering Petzl is such a well respected brand within the sport, I was stoked to recently have the opportunity to try out some of their gear. After opening my package, I was also excited to find out that all the gear was also comfortable and stylish. 

The items I received included the Petzl Borea Helmet, Corax LT harness and Saka Chalk bag in rose. I wanted to take them on an authentic trial, so headed out to a local crag on a chilly spring day. 

Petzl Borea Helmet

When I am getting ready for a day at the crag, I am often faced with the  conundrum of what to do with my hair. I need it pulled back, out of my face, but also down far enough to accommodate my helmet... what a predicament! Someone at Petzl has clearly also been faced with this same issue in the past, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the headband on the Borea helmet is designed to accommodate a pony-tail! Genius.

While this helmet is cute and accommodating, obviously the main objective of any helmet is to keep us safe, and this means having strong integrity and fitting well. This helmet checks both those boxes. The outer shell is thick and durable with extended coverage in the back and is easily adjustable to adapt to a range of sizes. The helmet is also very comfortable and comes with removable padding.



Petzl Saka Chalk Bag 

I love the rose colour and semi tye-dye pattern of this chalk bag! Very cute. I also appreciate the two brush slots for holding your brushes, regardless of the size. With other chalk bags that don't have this feature, I have been forced to carry a brush up routes in my pocket and/or in my bra. This set-up is much preferred.



The chalk bag is the perfect size. It is big enough that I can get my whole hand in for full coverage, but not too large to feel bulky or awkward. It is fleece lined so feels great on tired hands, especially this time of year when finger-tips tend to get chilly. The bag attaches to the chalk belt with two loops which means the bag will not twist around mid-route. The easy close draw string is also an appreciated feature to ensure my climbing pack stays nice and chalk-free once the climbing day is complete. 

Petzl Corax LT Harness

This harness is everything you need to focus on the send. It is comfortable with good padding and elastic leg loops. The good-size and flexible gear loops mean you can rack up everything you will need without it getting in your way. It is relatively light-weight so won't weight you down, and of course, it is strong and sturdy designed to keep us safe.


There is a reason why the name Petzl is synonymous with climbing. They make a lot of great gear that enables us to try hard, adventure and get on rock without having to worry about our gear holding us back. I would definitely recommend these products to support you on your next send!