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June 2022

Gear Review - Ruffwear's Float Coat

Written by: Mel K & Lucy (@melkarlik)

My dog Lucy has been my adventure buddy for 12 years and when I got my paddleboard, I knew for certain that Lucy would be alongside me out on the water. Our favourite is to go for a quick early morning paddle or spend a sunny afternoon exploring somewhere new.

I had been thinking about getting Lucy her own life jacket and we are big fans of Ruffwear gear so when we came across Ruffwear’s Float Coat, I thought it would be a good fit.

As expected, Lucy and I are loving her new doggy life jacket. If your dog does any kind of water activity, I highly recommend investing in Ruffwear’s Float coat for your best furry friend.

Here’s are a list of things to consider:

1. It's a perfect fit!

The Float Coat comes in 6 different sizes. To find the size that best fits your dog, you just measure the largest part of their rib cage and match it up to the corresponding size.

You can loosen the adjustable straps to easily slip over your dog. Then two straps around your dog’s rib cage and one strap around their neck can tighten for the perfect fit.

Not only is Lucy secure and won’t fall out of the Float Coat, but her anxiety is also helped by being swaddled in it. She noticeably seems more confident! I also love the soft material of the Float Coat (PVC free) so I know it’s not going to chafe her.

2. It has a bright, visible design.

I had a really hard time deciding which colour to pick for Lucy! Ruffwear always has such a great design and the Float Coat is no exception; there are 3 great colour combinations for something stylish and affording high visibility.

When Lucy is swimming on her own in the water, I have an easy time spotting her and so will others in the water!

3. The easy lift assist feature is a must-have!

Okay! This is definitely a game changer when you do anything with your dog that might require you to assist them out of the water. Having a handle on the back of the vest that you can use to help lift them out of the water is incredibly helpful.

4: The reason you want the Float Coat in the first place: floatation!

Of course, a necessity of the doggy life jacket was its floatation capabilities. I have so much more ease of mind knowing that Lucy won’t lose her endurance when she is swimming long distances.

We have definitely taken some spills on the paddleboard and sometimes Lucy decides to swim back to shore - knowing that she has floatation support, I am definitely more confident that she is not going to get tired or lose endurance.

Even when I go swimming, Lucy always likes to join me in the water but often returns to shore because she isn’t a confident swimmer. Now, with the Float Coat, that extra support lets her hang out in the water and swim longer.

Immediately, Ruffwear’s Float Coat has become a necessity for our water adventures. The water can be unpredictable and you can’t always predict how your dog is going to act in the water. Having the Float Coat for your dog gives you that extra peace of mind when you are in the water and allows you to have a lot more fun!