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March 2022

Gear Review: Tera Kaia Basewear Tops - They do not disappoint!

Review & Photos by: Shannon Head (@restlesscrusade)

Adventuring into the backcountry has always been one of my favourite things to do. Finding the perfect sports bra has been a constant struggle. I have had issues finding one that has enough support, can be worn multiple days without smelling, doesn’t cut into my shoulders while wearing a 30 lb plus pack, quick drying and is also comfortable enough to even sleep in depending on weather temperatures.

When my husband and I planned a bit of a spur of the moment climbing trip to summit Aconcagua I went into a bit of panic mode on what bra I would be able to wear for 15 days straight. I didn’t want to be bringing multiple bras because of room and weight restrictions. Our hiking weather would be going from +30C – possibly -20C. I was looking for something that had:

  1. Comfort
  2. Anti-microbial
  3. Wicked the sweat and dried quick
  4. Compression, but not too much compression

I found all of this wrapped into the TOURA and MARA high cut bras from Tera Kaia . They did not disappoint! The first time I put each on I knew I was going to love them. The fit was amazing, compressive but not too snug. I wore the TOURA high cut bra for a full 15 days/nights while only taking it off to take a few showers while on our long trek. I saved the Mara high cut bra for after shower and rest days. These bras checked off everything on my list. Anti-microbial, which is one of the biggest bonuses when being in the backcountry for multiple days/weeks, high cut and doesn’t slip around which means never adjusting it, straps always lay flat, they are reversible so I could change it up so it looked like I wasn’t wearing the same bra day in and day out. They also double as a swim top. They do run a bit on the higher price range, but worth every penny.

Now that I am home from my trip, I am finding myself using them as my daily go-tos as well. For reference, I am 5’3’ and 130 lbs. I am a large B cup and wear the size 4 (TOURA) and size 2 (MARA) as I do like it a bit more compressive, but as stated above, it isn’t too compressive as I was able to sleep in it for 15 nights and never once felt uncomfortable or had any crazy cut in lines. The MARA I found fits bigger than the TOURA which is why the size difference.

All sports bras are expensive, but in comparing these one to others, they have so much more to offer than your average sports bra, and I have yet to find one that is as comfortable as these two, TOURA and MARA high cut bras, that feels like you are wearing nothing, doubles as a swim top, gives the perfect amount of compression, is reversible, anti-microbial, oh and the best part is it is stylish.

I will definitely be adding more of these to my collection as it is my go-to bra for every day life as well as my active lifestyle of hiking, skiing, climbing, jogging, and running after our twin toddlers. I have recently also tried them at the gym. I mostly do spin and weights, but again it tops any other sports bra I have tried. It stays put, no need to EVER adjust it! Give them a try, you will love them.