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November 2022

Gear Review: What’s KÜHL About the LÉA Pullover and Freeflex Roll-Up Pant?

Reviewer: Courtney Ledden

It went a little something like…

Valhalla Pure Outfitters (VPO): Hey Courtney, would you test and review some clothes from KÜHL for us?

Me: What?! I thought they only made men’s clothes – absolutely I will try them out!

VPO: Oh, you bet they make women’s clothes! Here is the LÉA Pullover and the Freeflex Roll-Up Pant, let us know what you think!

And from this point on, KÜHL will be forever on my radar when seeking multi-purpose items to add to my closet. Let me tell you why!

KÜHL LÉA™ Pullover

With sweater weather in full swing in the Canadian Rockies, I was very happy to give the KÜHL LÉA Pullover a go. Not only is it a good addition to my casual, errand running, hangin’ around town wardrobe, but I was delighted to discover that it made for practical use in my layering system as well. Double duty? I’ll take it! Here is what I thought about it:

It's a performance knit that is also soft!

I ain’t about the itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable sweaters for me. Cozy is key and as soon as I took it out of the bag, I was pleasantly surprised. The material felt nice to the touch and is more of a performance fabric than I was expecting it to be.

It layers well!

A common challenge I have is finding layers that add warmth but aren’t too bulky to fit under my mid-layer jackets. However, the LÉA Pullover works well with my layering system. It lends itself well to active endeavors but is built in a way that doesn’t add unnecessary chonk to my outfits.

It can go into the dryer.

Um, dryer? Say what? I don’t know about you but remembering to pull one item out of the wash to hang is not a task that I am good at. A clothing item that can’t go into the dryer doesn’t last in this household, so being able to toss this pullover into the dryer with no regrets means it gets to stay!

It's a good fit for adventures or looking cute in the city.

Did I mention… cute? The mock turtleneck style of this sweater is quite flattering and is a little added detail to give it something extra. I also really like the addition of the kangaroo pocket- it looks nice AND can hold snacks or give me a place to put my hands when I don’t know what to do with them. Yes please.

Size recommendation: I got this in a medium, which is typically my normal size (I despise tight fitting clothes, personally) and this fit just perfect.

KÜHL Freeflex Roll-Up Pant

VPO also offered to send me a KÜHL travel pant for my trip to Morocco and I was stoked! At that time, I was on the hunt for lightweight pants to squish into limited carry-on space that I had committed myself to. The Freeflex Roll-Up Pant fit the mark (literally). I was able to test them out in a variety of environments – from walking around markets in plus 30 degrees to doing handstands on a breezy beach to hiking in the mountains on a not so warm evening. This is what I found great about them:

They're quick to dry.

I won’t judge where the moisture came from… sweat from a steep ascent? Accidentally sat in a wet spot? Regardless, I found that they were surprisingly quick to dry – and the fabric breathed well.

Secure roll up: yes please!

#Freetheankle. Although not quite as airy as full-blown cutoffs, I really liked the roll up feature and wore them this way more often than not. In warmer climates, it was nice to get a little extra air flow but also have the option to roll them down when the chill in the evening took over.

Comfortable and well-fitting—these hit on both marks.

I often struggle to find pants that fit me properly and these pants have a cinch waist that was a game changer. When I put them on for the first time, I was hit by an initial familiar feeling of disappointment – the thighs and bum area fit, but the waist was too big. BUT there was an immediate solution! The drawstring that’s built in allowed me to adjust the waist for the perfect fit. Disappointment negated.

Theyre lightweight (and pack down small).

This is especially handy when you’re trying to pack a month’s worth of items into a 60L backpack because who wants to check their bag and lose it? Not me!

They can go from the trail to urban travel adventures.

If you prefer to hike in a pant (leggings no bueno), this would be a good fit for spring, summer or even fall adventures. The rolled-up bottom allows for additional airflow on those warm days, but they also go well layered with long johns on those chilly days.

What's my size recommendation?

I got this in a size 8, which is a size up from what I normally get. I knew that I wanted a looser fit and have the option to throw a thermal layer underneath during shoulder season.

Thank you to Valhalla Pure Outfitters for the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and give some new pieces of adventure clothing a try! And thank you to KÜHL for creating high quality, multi-purpose clothing. I’m excited to see what other KÜHL pieces will be coming home with me next – my eye is on their leggings!

Happy adventuring!