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February 2019

Is the Yeti Rambler the best mug ever?

Could my quest for the perfect travel mug be over? It just might with my Yeti Rambler Mug. You see, my relationship with coffee has been a deep, dark and delicious one. One with much love and joy but also tempered with too much of a good thing and even the occasional overdose. Yes, I may have enjoyed espresso so much one day that I was hospitalized but I have matured since then. I now seek quality coffee and drink made from a variety apparatus and drink from many different vessels. Over the years I have never found a suitable travel mug. One that keeps coffee hot but also keeps the flavour. That was until I got given the Yeti Rambler as a gift last Summer. The Yeti Rambler Mug is a beefy design. I imagine this is in part because of the double-walled stainless design Yeti is known for and in part for durability. I also thing there is a certain unnamed quality that once feels holding a sturdy goblet of dark brew in the early morning hours. Being built to last this is a perfect mug for taking along on adventures. Yes, it is a little heavier but what it has in heft is made up for in utility. The longest I tested it for keeping coffee hot was on a road trip. I had hot coffee – and I mean fresh-out-of-the-pot hot coffee – until the last sip 3 hours later. To me, that is worth every last penny of the $40 price tag. It also is very tough and can apparently take a shot from a 22 from 100 yards. I am not testing this because I love my mug too much. Just take my word for it. Yeti Rambler with Aeropress Coffee Maker

It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold

Not every beverage you want to enjoy may be a hot one. No problem. The double-walled stainless works in reverse when you want to keep your bevy chilled. This inconspicuous mug works equally well for a cold beer on a hot day. Camping, beach picnics, backyard parties or just working in the yard. Cold beer doesn't warm up. Every sip is as fresh as the first. Again...worth it's weight in gold!

It's not a slight design...

This mug is a wide shape. That being the case it doesn't fit in all vehicle cup holders. I am in the clear because I drive a Ford truck that has space for a larger cup. I am sure they were thinking 7-11 Big Gulps and not my Yeti mug, but that is besides the point. The point is, if you have this mug and your car cup holders are too small, maybe it is time to upgrade your car. This mug is that good. Yeti Rambler 14 oz cupholder size So if you are like me and have a cupboard full of old travel mugs, you can get rid of them now and buy this Yeti Rambler 14oz. It is tough, keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. It is also available in plenty of colours to suit your style. I went for matte black. It goes with everything :)

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