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May 2019

Norrona - Designed in Norway, Trail-Tested Everywhere

Norrona started in the make-or-break year of 1929, with the mission of delivering rugged products to withstand Norway’s punishing climate and conditions. Through 4 generations, the Jorgensen family has focused on designing and delivering Great! products. Currently, Norrona HQ in Oslo resides at the end of a long lane in a converted industrial zone, with a beautiful waterfall across the street. The building houses design, repairs, planning and finance inside a modern renovation of an historic building. Depending on the season, most of the Staff take the subway, ride their mountain bikes or walk to work. JJ, the current generational CEO, is an avid skier, mountain biker, and hiker. While the international Staff reflects Norrona’s wide market reach, the Viking heritage is on display - tall, strong, blonde Vikings work to complete the seasonal collections. They cheerfully offered to break the ice below the waterfalls so we could have a quick plunge last January, but we declined - unless they went first.

Oslo is a vibrant, growing city with lots of museums, historic stone buildings and old forts. You can try whale steaks and local lager beers, and if you wander there are bars and clubs with local or British live music. The single most noticeable thing is that, regardless of age, the Norwegians are outdoorsy - walking, XC skiing, skating, downhill skiing, ski jumping, sailing and cold-water surfing - folks are out all the time. Even after 1500 years, one of the planet’s greatest civilizations still knows how to have a good time!

Norrona drive towards perfect fit and function

The Norrona brand products are divided into grouping that focus on the mindset of the specific market segments. This category list is revealing, demonstrating how focusing on dedicated Outdoor specialists can drive design towards the “perfect fit and function”. But of course, there is endless crossover from group to group.

  • Lyngen grouping comes from the backcountry ski-touring point of view.

  • Lofoten collection is designed to be the cutting edge of alpinist downhill skiing.

  • Falketind collection is where designs end up if they become consistent best sellers year after year.

  • Svalbard grouping targets casual classics, blending heritage with state-of-the-art material selection.

  • Trollveggen group caters to ice climbers, mountaineers, and search and rescue.

  • Roldal group is a retro designed urban look.

  • Tamok echos subtle military inspired looks in outerwear.

  • Bitihorn is targeted towards the ultralight, minimalist adventurer.

  • Fjora grouping is targeted towards hi-aerobic, single-track mountain bikers.

  • Skibotn group is Norrona’s freeride mountain biking products.

  • Unstad designs enable cold, arctic-water surfing.

  • /29 designs are casual relaxed pieces for everyday.

The Norrona Craftsmanship Story

Since 1929, Norrøna has been a family business making outdoor products with the highest possible quality. But what does this actually mean? Ambassador Nikolai Schirmer wanted to find out. Tag along as he explores the story of our craftsmanship and how we produce sustainable outdoor gear – loaded with minimalism.

Without Nature, there is no Us

As a family-owned outdoor company established on their love for nature, high quality and long lasting products, environmental responsibility has been in Norrona's DNA since the beginning in 1929. This video is the first in a six part series about Norrona's Environmental Mission. At Valhalla Pure Outfitters, this is a mission we can get behind and is why we are stocking our shelves with more Norrona gear each season.

Warm, dry and protected in the Norrona Lofoten series outerwear

Riding high above it all in the Norrona Fjora series mountain bike apparel

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