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February 2018

The Hillsound Equipment Trail Crampon Ultras turn you into a 4 season hiker

Thanks to Stefan Doering for the review and photos...

I'm an avid hiker all season and up to alpine terrain. I'm very impressed with these Hillsound Equipment Trail Crampon Ultras - easy to get them on and off my hiking boot (even with gloves), they stay perfect in place in steep up and down hill conditions, amazing grip, I tried to trail run - what a fun experience . I love the Velcro strip and the thick rigid silicon strap to hold the crampon tight to my boots! I feel very safe with these trail crampon!

Hillsound Crampons

I’m living on Vancouver Island and my favourite Areas are Mt Arrowsmith and Strathacona Park, but even here south island there are some cool small peaks summer and winter.

[caption id="attachment_1251" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Hillsound crampons for winter hiking Happiness is reaching the summit with the one you love :)[/caption]

These pictures are from Suicide Bluffs Mt Seymour first snow in December, been up there with my girlfriend. We both wear the trail crampons ultras.

[caption id="attachment_1252" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] The mountains are open to you for hiking with the right equipment[/caption]

I would be happy if one or the other picture would inspire people to use the trail crampon ultras on the mountains - I see so many hikers on my trips without proper gear and most of the time I say something for safety reasons .

Oh, one more - I’m very happy about the new store location Valhalla Pure here in Victoria - very cool!

Features of the Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra:

  • 1.5 cm spikes grip ice and packed snow
  • Ergonomoic plate system for added spike stability
  • Hinged plate flexes with the sole
  • Rip and stick over-shoe strap keeps device secure on shoes
  • Elastomer harness easily stretches over most footwear

About Hillsound Equipment:

Designed, developed, and tested in the western Canadian wilderness, Hillsound products are guaranteed to handle challenging terrain and the toughest of trails. With a commitment to quality gear, innovation, and adventure, Hillsound aims to make durable, accessible products inspired by an outdoor life of our very own team and friends around the world.