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February 2018

The DPS Wailer 112 Foundation - A ski that is designed for off-piste that surpises on-piste

Thanks to Scott Banman for the Customer Review

Half-dozen resort days under foot now. This ski performs well to lift out of the heavy mashed potato "powder" we get on coastal mountains. I'm an old-school powder bouncer rather than high speed surfer so someone else will have to comment on its "slurfing" abilities. The big surprise here though was how enjoyable this ski is on-piste. It carves very smoothly and confidently even at high speed which makes it a perfect all mountain ski for those days when there's a few inches or more of fresh. The reality for me is that a resort run will be about 50% off-piste and 50% groomed run to get you back to the chair. This ski allows me to enjoy that other 50% so it justified the price of this premium ski. The Foundation line was brand new and was hard to find in late 2016 but Valhalla Pure delivered (for free I might add) and was more competitive than having to order online from the U.S. Mated with last year's orange Rossignol FKS bindings, they're definitely an eye-catcher.

1 year update:

With a season of skiing under these my appreciation for them keeps getting greater. Just came back from two days of skiing deep heavy west coast snow. I'm getting the hang of higher speed slurfy turns and arcs on the steeps and these skis turned what would otherwise be almost unskiable mashed potatoes into a wildly fun day. While my buddy struggled to keep from bogging down and burying the tips of his Rossi S7's I traced graceful arcs.

Another plus is that there's no annoying wooden tip slap on hard choppy groomers. Nicely damped for a ski that offers some width and float underfoot.

[caption id="attachment_1211" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Revelstoke BC DPS Skis Dealer The DPS Wailer 112 Foundation ready for action at our Revelstoke location.[/caption]

Buy the DPS Wailer 112 FoundationAvailable from our online store or in person at VPO Revelstoke and VPO Abbotsford

Specs of the DPS Wailer 112 Foundation


135 / 112 / 124

Turning Radius



168cm, 178cm, 184cm, 190cm

Weight (these babies are light!)

2300g per ski average weight @ 190cm

2110g per ski average weight @ 184cm

1980g per ski average weight @ 178cm

1840g per ski average weight @ 178cm

What is 'Foundation'?

Foundation is a completely reimagined and rebuilt construction category that represents a futuristic approach to ski design. Every model in the Foundation series shares DPS Chassis DNA shaping that yields design and performance consistency from shape-to-shape and length-to-length. Foundation employs the absolute best-in-class components from start-to-finish, with top-notch durability. On-snow feel is a wonderful blend of power and dampness that is readily accessible to a wide range of skier profiles.

DPS Wailer 112 Foundation Construction Review

About DPS

Founded in 2005, with the partnership of professional skier and ski designer Stephan Drake and leading ski engineer Peter Turner, both were inspired by a vision to make perfect skis worthy of those who live and breathe the sport.

DPS introduced the world’s first and only Pure prepreg carbon fiber sandwich ski, the first 120mm powder pintail, transferred the word “rocker” from surfing to skiing—then built the first rockered ski with sidecut—and unleashed the Spoon and Spoon Technology. The fusion of space-age carbon technology and groundbreaking shaping has resulted in the world’s most advanced quiver of skis.

DPS fosters a tight-knit community between its designers, reps, photographers, partners, and skiers—while also supporting environmental initiatives and innovative multimedia projects worldwide.

DPS is located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, where it operates and owns a state-of-the-art ski factory, and maintains its global headquarters.

Dreamtime: A sneak peek at the build process


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