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October 2017

Voluntary Recall: Omega Pacific G-FIRST Carabiners

Recall Date: Oct 18, 2017 Omega Pacific has discovered a defect in a limited number of the G-FIRST series carabiners and is announcing a voluntary recall for replacement. The defect was discovered during an internal quality assurance procedure and was determined to affect a single lot. We will replace each returned unit with a new product. Here are the details: • Any G-FIRST with Lot “OD” on the frame’s spine should be returned for replacement • Approximately 1700 were produced and shipped between February and October 1st 2017 • There are SIX item numbers to check for Lot “OD” on the spine, as shown above • The defect was discovered through internal testing; no accident or injury is associated with this recall • All internal testing has verified affected product meets and/or exceeds its rated strength, but all product marked “OD” should be returned, regardless • Recall is limited to the item numbers listed below • No other goods are included in this recall, and if you are in possession of similar items which are not lot “OD”, they are not subject to this recall • We have informed the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and are managing this recall with them For more information, please check HERE.