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September 2014

Adventure Bucks has launched

Valhalla Pure's new Adventure Bucks... Earn Bucks and Save More whenever you shop at VPO.

We've wanted to have a points program for a long time. Last year we started Adventure Pass- now Bucks has launched, and we're still adding more premium services for our regulars.

Let me put on my salesman's hat and blow our horn a bit:

Earn Adventure Bucks with every purchase- even 'on sale' items. Use those Bucks in convenient and creative ways. We've been matching MEC everyday low prices for nearly 25 years, now save even more with Adventure Bucks!

Login at 'myVPO' and view your purchase history and Adventure Bucks balance, with the option to gift them to friends and family. Plus enjoy the convenience of not needing to save your sales receipts- a bonus feature- reprint your sales receipt at home if you need it.

WISHLISTS is an outstanding tool for making lists of items you may be interested in. Add items instore on your phone or at home online. By creating several lists, shared with others perhaps, you can organize gear for future adventures. The stuff on the list for your surfing trip to SriLanka is very different from the stuff you are thinking about for ski touring this winter. Add Graduation & Wedding lists too. Items on any of your lists are easily "moved" into your checkout when you are ready to buy. Bottom line, WISHLISTS is a great organizing and planning tool that helps avoid the disappointment of both forgotten items and unnecessary impulse purchases. Shop smart.

Our staff 'special order' unusual or out of stock items regularly, and if there's no room in your luggage or on your motorcycle, let us ship your purchase home for you. Just ask.

We try harder! Great staff + the best gear + industry leading services + Adventure Bucks + myVPO features! 14 shops (and growing), all working together online at to serve you better.

Ok, that's enough hard sell for a while-

Special thanks to our own Valhalla Kingdom IT coding team for rolling out so many great value-added features for Adventure Pass regulars. Next up, launching our VPO Mobile app, and linking myVPO to our state-of-the-art Warranty module.

Enjoy this Fall weather- the perfect season for hiking, backpacking and paddling- cool mornings, incredible northern light skies, golden larch trees, and best of all NO Bugs!

David Harley

New Denver, BC