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September 2016

Exclusively at VPO - Montane

Montane is brand new to Canada in 2016, and exclusive to Valhalla Pure Outfitters shops.

We chose Montane over other brands because we love their "Further, Faster" mantra. Their focus concentrates on endurance pursuits - they are the banner sponsor of the "Tor des Geants". Their sponsored athletes are some of the best ultra distance runners in Europe and the World.

Founded in the early 1990s, Montane is almost the same age as Valhalla Pure Outfitters. Neither of us are legacy brands from the 1960s and 70s, we're much more contemporary to today's advanced outdoor marketplace. But you'll quickly notice that Montane, like Valhalla Pure Outfitters, designs for specific authentic outdoor pursuits, and both of us leave fashion fluff for other brands.

Just a hop and a skip from the extreme mountain conditions of Scotland, Montane stands for rugged durable sensible design. Here are some examples...

Montane has a brand new Goretex collection - each piece is designed for the specific end market: mountaineering all features mens, backcountry ski mens & womens, urban casual mens & womens, and trail running mens & womens.

Have you ever wanted to put an uberlight windshell in the bottom of your pack just in case? Montane makes the lightest shell in the world!!! - weighing in at a crazy 47 grams - the FEATHERLITE7 full front zip jacket.

Are you headed north from Red Deer or Prince George or Iqualuat mid winter? Montane offers an arctic parka called DEEP COLD DOWN PARKA that pulls every trick out the bag, incuding blending blown primaloft and treated goose down together, to ensure that it's virtually impossible you will get cold.

Or take a look at the BLACK ICE PARKA. This one features baffled-wall down, silky smooth fabrics, 4" longer than normal body length for ballistic warmth in February.

Need a hooded goose down sweater that boasts treated goose down and durable ultralight Pertex shell fabric? A great layering piece for anyone who is active outdoors 3 seasons of the year. Check out the FEATHERLITE DOWN SWEATER.

Watch for more cool gear from Montane in the years ahead!