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July 2014

July14, Escape & Explore.

Welcome to the Valhalla Kingdom.

If it's your first time here, we are 14 independently owned and operated technical outdoor specialty shops mainly in smaller towns throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

Please drop by when you are in our neighbourhood, but if you can't - shows you about 80% of all 14 shops stuff conveniently displayed online.

We're passionate about having the right gear you need to escape the rat race. Maybe it's your upcoming trip to Sicily, Antarctica, or Vietnam, or to that little lake down the road that somehow still has a healthy fish population. Maybe you're taking the kids on their annual camping trip, or climbing Robson or Sir Donald.

The fundamental characteristics that determines the stuff we need to escape outside are quality, reliability, and efficiency. The gear we sell fits this description.

To feel alive, we need to tap into our latent hunger to explore - to do that, we need to step outside our 4 wall box, and take a break from staring at that little screen with the pretty pictures. Escape the urban rat race, smell the dirt and the trees and the coming thunder storm. Share the trail with elk and bobcats, and bump into other fascinating people who have also escaped. Live life -outdoors!

David Harley

New Denver, BC