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November 2015


The Vikings were the greatest northern civilization the planet has ever seen.

The Vikings were our kind of folks. They adventured all over their world, from Newfoundland to central and southern Russia, the entire UK, from the Arctic to the Middle East. We have a soft spot for adventurous travelers, and the Vikings were inspirational!

While the Vikings, both men and women, were great horsemen, they were also amazing sailors. Sailing from Norway to Newfoundland well over 1000 years ago was an incredible accomplishment.

As we explore the Norse civilization, we are also fond of the Viking's taste for fish and mead drinks, appreciation of fine music, crafts, and artisan metalwork- especially the axes and swords! We love their respect for unique Viking traditions and beliefs that carry on even today.

Valhalla Pure Outfitters was born next to the Valhalla Range in southern BC. In the surrounding country, Norse peak names are frequent. The conditions in our inland rainforest alpine are lush and spectacular, but the weather can occasionally be punishing and cruel.

Like the Vikings, we appreciate good gear- top to bottom, inside and out. We seek and support brands that craft solutions from around the world and design innovative, ground breaking products we can offer forward with confidence. We push the leading edge of the outdoor gear arms race.

You will see "Welcome to the Valhalla Kingdom" signage in our stores and on the website. The Valhalla Kingdom is not a specific place or time- it's an attitude that values Adventure for its own sake, a theme inspired by the ancient Vikings, and a state of mind honoring Nature's profound elegance, reborn deep in the Selkirk Range of British Columbia.

David Harley

New Denver, BC