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September 2019

Scarpa Voluntary Product Recall: Fall 2017 Maestrale RS and Maestrale Ski Boots

Fall 2017 Ski Boots
Product Names: Maestrale RS & Maestrale
Product references: 12046/501.1 & 12047/501.1

SCARPA North America has elected to voluntarily recall all Fall 2017 Maestrale and Maestrale RS ski boots. It appears that under certain conditions, the boot shell may crack, which may render the boots unusable for skiing.

Please note that this recall applies only to the Fall 2017 Maestrale or Maestrale RS models purchased in North America. It does not apply to any other Maestrale or Maestrale RS models. Below is a guide on how to identify the Fall 2017 models.

SCARPA North America is asking all consumers who have purchased Fall 2017 Maestrale and Maestrale RS ski boots in North America to cease using them immediately and return them to SCARPA North America as soon as possible for repair.

Please contact SCARPA North America directly, by calling toll-free at 866-998- 2895 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST Monday through Friday, or via email at

Thank you in advance, and SCARPA North America apologizes for any inconvenience this causes you.

Boot Identification Guide

Click here to watch a video for how to identify Fall 2017 Maestrale RS & Maestrale Ski Boots, or continue reading below.

Step 1 – Determine if your boot model is potentially affected by this voluntary recall.

The affected models are the Fall 2017 production of the boots below. (Please note that the Fall 2018 and 2019 production of these boots are NOT affected.)

Image 1: Maestrale RS – 12046/501.1

Image 2: Maestrale – 12047/501.1

Step 2 – If you have one of the above models, determine if yours is from the Fall 2017 production season.

There are two methods to determine whether or not your Maestrale RS or Maestrale ski boots were produced in Fall 2017, and thereby subject to this voluntarily recall. See below for instruction on how to look for Fall 2017 production.

Method #1: Do you have the box?

If you have the original box the boots came in, check the box label to see if it says “172” as illustrated in the picture below (Figure 1). If your box has “172” where shown in the red circle, it is affected by this recall. If it says “182”, it is NOT affected by this recall. If you do not have the original box, OR your box has a different type of label, please proceed to identification method #2.

Figure 1:

172 = Fall 2017 Production = RECALL

182 = Fall 2018 Production = OK

Method #2: Look at the shell

Remove your liners from the shell.

Look inside the shell, on the inside of the boot, in the area shown here (Figure 2) below the size indication in Maestrale RS and on the opposite side of the size indication in Maestrale. If there is a series of “dots” molded in this area (Figure 3 & 4), then that indicates Fall 2018 production and your boots are NOT affected by the recall. (Please note that this could be one or more “dots”). If your boots have NO “dots” molded in this area (Figure 5 & 6), then they are part of the Fall 2017 production batch and ARE subject to this recall.

Figure 2:

Look inside the shell where the red arrow is pointing for "dots" molded in to the shell

No dots = Fall 2017 Production = RECALL

Dots = Fall 2018 Production = OK

Figure 3 & 4:

Example with dots = OK (Fall 2018 Production) & NOT subject to recall

Figure 5 & 6:

Example of NO dots = RECALL (Fall 2017 Production) & Subject to recall!