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November 2021

An Interview with VPO Revelstoke

Q: Why did you want to open a shop in Revy?

A: Revelstoke has always had a special place in our hearts. I (Emma) first spent an extended period of time in the town as a 19 year old working for a forestry company. Our crew would walk into town in the evenings to watch the live music and the warmth of the community was so welcoming. Angus and I continued to visit frequently throughout university for camping, hiking, ski touring and climbing trips.

We were both attracted to Revelstoke's proximity to the backcountry as well as the friendliness of the town. When we were looking for opportunities in our last year of university, Revelstoke was at the top of the list as a location for us to start a business. We felt that a VPO would be a positive addition to the current retail options at that time and help support the growing outdoor community. Revelstoke was where we wanted to make our home.

Q: Why do your customers love your shop?

A: We have always wanted our shop to be a friendly, welcoming place for people to gather. I think that is one of the things that our customers love. Our staff are so great. They are as willing to share their favorite climbing, running, or hiking areas as they are to assist with finding the gear that you might need for your next adventure. We have a wonderfully supportive local customer base and also enjoy welcoming back our seasonal customers year after year.

Q: What are some of the challenges of running a shop as a family?

A: There is never enough time! We are so lucky to have a strong, supportive team of staff at the shop, yet it still feels that there is never enough time to accomplish all the things. We also talk about gear A LOT.

Q: What do you love about raising a family in Revelstoke?

A: Revelstoke is an amazing place to raise a child. There are so many young families and the number of resources available to families is incredible. Not to mention all the outdoor activities. We are very grateful to be raising Tobin in such a supportive community.

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