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August 2022

Christie Falls - Okanagan, BC

Guest Author: Shannon Head (@restlesscrusade)

If and when you are in the Okanagan, Christie Falls is a must go. This waterfall is a bit of a drive but the rewards are amazing! It is in the middle of nowhere and the atmosphere is so tranquil.

While you drive almost 30 km on the back forest service roads you won’t be disappointed with the end result. The final 200 metres to the parking lot does need a high clearance vehicle, although there is room to park a few cars just before this point where you can continue on foot if you think that might be what’s holding you back.

The hike starts out pretty easy, meandering through the burned forest. There were quite a few logs across the trail making it challenging for the girls with their little legs to climb over and go under. You then come across two creek crossings with logs strategically placed to not get your feet wet. After about 1 km you reach a fork in the trail. Straight takes you to the creek where the top of the falls is spouting from. To the left is a rope-assisted sort of rocky scramble down that takes you to the base of the falls.

We came prepared for his hike with our girls bringing our trusty Trail Magik as we knew this rock descent would require them being secure on us so we could be hands free to guide us down. Minutes later we found ourselves at the base taking in the amazing beauty of these tranquil falls. This is like no other I have been to before, it was so quiet, so soothing, and the mist coming off kept us nice and cool, feeling refreshed.

I hung out with the girls while they sat and ate their snacks and hydrated with their Hydro Flasks and Tyson went behind the falls to the other side exploring a cave, checking out some bolted climbing routes and taking in the views from the opposite side.

After enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and ambiance we ascended back up, one girl back in the Trail Magik while the other wanted to attempt climbing back up with the ropes assisting her. She did amazing, not really needing any help at all.

We then decided to check out the creek where the top of the falls comes from, which was equally as amazing. How can such a tiny looking creek make such an amazing waterfall?

This is a true gem of the Okanagan if you are into adventuring off the beaten path and/or love waterfalls. Kid friendly? I would say know your ability for hiking trails with your kids and their experience to be the judge of that.