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January 1970

Kokopelli Packrafts

Kokopelli packrafts are the premium ultralite alternative watercraft. While it's true nothing moves through the water like a nicely shaped kayak or canoe, they are not only heavy for longer distances, but also impossible to carry alone. , essentially requiring a car or cart at each end of each leg of the trip. Not so with a packraft. Adventurers keen to explore new country over a different route, involving both land (or mountain) crossings and a water leg, should definitely consider a packraft.

Kokopelli Packrafts are quick to inflate. Attaching your mountain bike or backpack to the bow is easy and secure, and doesn't destroy the packraft's flotation or balance. They slide along the water surprisingly easily, even when loaded.

The negatives occur when you tear a hole in the boat. Be prepared with a repair kit. Also, long flatwater distances, or paddling into the wind, are more work because the packraft doesn't track like a canoe.

Another way of looking at it, packrafts are ideal for backpackers, and less so for dedicated paddlers. A packraft opens up numerous alternatives for hybrid boot/boat trips. But getting into new country drives a lot of adventures. For that, Kokopelli leads the charge with ultralite boats.