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July 2022

Gear Review: Cotopaxi's Cielo Rain Jackets

Reviewers: The Mordaks

Has anyone else expected this much rain this summer? We never would have thought we’d need new rain jackets in the summer (particularly in the Okanagan)… but we have and they have been vital to our adventures. We are currently on a summer road trip travelling around BC and Alberta with our rain jackets handy at every turn. Now that we’ve had some great use out of the Cielo Rain Jackets in both mountain and prairie storms we’re ready to share what we think!

Here is what we love about the Cotopaxi Cielo Rain Jackets:

  1. They have kept us dry, what else can you ask from a rain jacket? We have to love a 10k membrane for average rain wear.
  2. The quick and easy cinch hood comes in handy with windy downpour.
  3. Three zippered pockets that have space.

  4. The silhouette of the jacket dips down at the back, which is helpful to keep that butt dry too. Particularly if you hop on a bike in the rain.
  5. The colour options, like Cotopaxi always offers, are fun and almost anyone can find one that suits their taste.

The last thing that we will say and that we will always enjoy about Cotopaxi anything is their DO GOOD motto and sustainable recycled material. Given that these jackets are created from 100% recycled polyester, we feel more comfortable knowing our smaller impact in purchasing new gear in comparison to some other brands.