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About Valhalla Pure Outfitters

When we started Valhalla Pure Outfitters in 1990, we didn't need to look to some exotic location on the far side of the planet. Nestled in an isolated sub-range of the Southern Selkirk Mountains, BC’s Valhalla Provincial Park stands as a remote, rugged, and spectacular mountain playground. Paired with rapid weather changes and punishing wear-and-tear, Valhalla Provincial Park has taught us all we need to know about what makes gear great.


The first Valhalla Pure Outfitters was a tiny shop situated on Slocan Lake. David, President of VPO, knew he had a winning idea: serving small trailhead communities with not only the best adventure gear and apparel, but with expert advice from owners and staff who live and play locally. Other like-minded folks saw promise in the model, and soon, VPO stores were dotting the map across BC and Alberta.


David helped store owners to grow and identify the latest disruptors in the outdoors industry—the brands that were pushing the envelope, the ones who were innovating and unafraid to make bold ideas come to life. In turn, the stores developed deep roots within the trailhead communities they served, becoming staples of their streets. They weren't just stores, they were basecamps on a first-name basis for adventurers.


Today, just as we were in 1990, VPO is dedicated to making mountain life better. Never big box, never faceless, we’re ready to help you gear up for your next big adventure. We’ve got your back, no matter where you are in Canada, with 13 locations across BC and Alberta, plus our Canada-wide online shop at


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