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Maxim's Nylon Accessory Cords feature a 100% nylon kernmantle construction that has been designed, engineered and manufactured with the same exacting specifications and attention to detail as their dynamic climbing ropes.

These Nylon Accessory Cords are perfect multi-purpose lines that can be used as an anchor equalizer rope for the creation of balancing anchors or self-equalizers. In addition, these accessory ropes help you to keep your personal items off the ground by stringing accessories like chocks and nuts and tying down gear. They even work perfect as a decorative accessory for packs or other gear. There is no limit to what these accessory cords can be used for.

This Nylon Accessory Cord has a 9/32" (7mm) diameter and is sold by the meter, making it easy to get the exact right amount of cord.

Nylon Accessory Cord, 1/4" / 6mm x 92m (Sold p/mtr)
Cordage Spool 7mm x 120m (Sold p/mtr)
Nylon Accessory Cord, 3/16" / 5mm x 92m (Sold p/mtr)
Powerloc Expert SP 7mm x 100m - Aqua Blue (sold p/mtr)

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