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The Gränsfors Sharpening Stone is comprised of ceramic abrasive with a grain structure developed to best supply the needs of coarse and fine grinding. The coarse, 180-grit side is used for repairing damage from hard wear, whereas the finer, 600-grit side is used for fine grinding. The grain structure of the stone makes it both tough and long-lasting. As opposed to a natural stone, a ceramic sharpening stone can be made to have a more precise grain size.

The stone has a round, flattened shape with bevelled edges to give a round transition. The fine side makes up 2/3 of the thickness, as this is the side that usually wears the most. The stone is normally used with water, but can also be used dry. The Sharpening stone features a rubber case.

Wildlife Hatchet - 34cm / 13.5"
Scandinavian Forest Axe - 64cm / 25"
Small Forest Axe - 49cm / 19"
Outdoor Axe - 37cm / 14.5"

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